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About Us

Welcome to our site! Here you will get to know about us and about the various medicines we Produce.

It is said that "health is wealth" because life's true happiness depends on a person's good physical and mental health. As Hakim. Arasku says, "Good Health is the first stepping stone of life's happiness". According to Hakim. Jalinus, "Persons owning healthy and stern heart and brain can withstand dangers and problems of life easily". The main thing is that if a person is healthy it hase to be preserved and if a person is ill, the illness has to be treated. Our motto is to make the people of the world to know this ancient subject of unani, to get good ingredients made from quality raw materials and to maintain the good standard of the productions of medicines. Many plants have the quality of protecting us from different diseases. So we harness those qualities to make many useful medicines. Some of them are Kesar Forte, Pushtak Churna, Qadri Qabztrozin, Sohag Ratan, Coughrin Syrup, Zafrani Tel and Ziabetus - C. At last on behalf of Qadri Dawakhana, we gladly welcome co-operation, help and honest and useful suggestions from doctors and physicians, which will enlighten us and show us new ways.